Website Analysis

Are you looking to implement a better search engine optimization and online marketing strategy? During a free website analysis I will look at all factors known for producing positive SEO results. We can then discuss what is working for your website and define specific areas that need improvement and discuss how we can work together to further promote your website.

Online Business Evaluation is your due diligence needed before building your online web location. You should always start off with an high level evaluation and then drill down from there, review your past marketing successes and failures, your current online marketing. Most importantly, be sure to review your site analytics and tracking data. All of this information should be analyzed before any site changes are made. If you are just starting your web project or redesigning your website, be sure to bring in an SEO specialist during the design phase of your project to help with naming conventions for your categories, your products, and your images.

Online Competitive Analysis is necessary to know what you are up againston the web. Does your competition have the same customer service features that you have? Do they have the same shopper features? Advanced search functionality? Some sites may appear to be your competition, but if they do not have visitor friendly functionality with competitive shipping options, return policies, or an online secure transactional process, they may not truly be an online competitor.

Search Phrase Analysis is crucial to your online success. Be sure to research the full spectrum of all phrase variations in the way your products may be perceived by your visitor. For example, if you are selling a brand name product, there may be much higher search for the generic product and not the brand itself or vice versa. Note there are different ways people search for a particular product and if you are unaware of those search phrases, you will miss out.